Ways to Increase value of your property

Sellers always want to know the Mantra of selling their house for the highest possible price. There is no “one size fits all” approach but there are certain things that every seller can do to increase the value of their property.

Improved Exterior

Curb appeal is a huge factor in selling a house. I have had clients who will drive up to the property and decide not to see the property because of non-appealing exterior. That right there is a waste of time and money spent on all the marketing. Simple and easy steps like fixing the exterior light fixtures and bulbs, mowing the lawn, trimming the weeds, fixing the main door, picking up any clutter or trash in front of property can help increase the curb appeal. There are some things that require a little more money but can significantly increase the appeal of the house e.g. painting the exterior, landscaping, replacing the main door, replacing garage door etc.

Paint the interiors

It has been proven that there is no better investment to increase the value of property than re-painting it (if the property needs a re-paint). Home Buyers will appreciate a good coat of paint as it will brighten up the rooms and give a clean appearance. Avoid bold and bright colors as it only appeals to a certain people, focus on lighter, softer earth tone shades. This also makes the room feel larger. Some Home sellers will pay a credit to the buyer to get the paint done or get the paint done before the possession. Instead of that if you get the paint done before the showings start, you will be able to have more buyers interested in your property and consequently get a better price.

Minor fixing

Fixing the light fixtures, baseboards, any dings in the cupboards are examples of cheap and easy things that can make your property look attractive to home buyers. It is also a good idea to have the carpets cleaned or the hardwoods waxed and polished.

Remove clutter

While showing the property, we need to give the Home Buyer a chance to virtually move into the house for few minutes. If there is too much furniture and decoration in the house, it will deter the Home Buyer from being able to imagine himself living there. Too much furniture and decorations can also make the house look smaller. Store away the unnecessary furniture and decorations items that you can do without.

Open the drapes and blinds

A bright house feels more inviting and gives a good feel to the house. Home Buyers feel more comfortable in brighter house and can think more positively.

Avoid playing music

Although you may like the music but music playing in the background can hinder the conversations between the buyers. Keep music off while your house is being shown or play a subtle soothing music in the background.

Price your property correctly right from the start

It is very important to price your property correctly from the start. Reducing the price at the later stage will make the Buyers wonder if there is something wrong with the property. Also it is very important to get maximum exposure in first two weeks of listing. These are the marketing strategies that I can help you better understand.

Professional Staging

If possible, hire a staging company to help show you ways to maximize the appeal and value of your property. I can help arrange a staging company and can also give some basic suggestions on how to stage your house.

My Marketing Strategies

I can help you get the best price for your house using my innovative marketing and negotiation techniques. Read my other articles under Resources tab or contact me to know how I can help you sell your house for more money in a shorter period.