Reasons Homes Don’t Sell and my solutions

There could be a lot of issues why houses don’t sell and my job is to eliminate those issues. We will have lesser problems selling your house if we can address following five common issues.


We all wish we could sell our house for whatever price we want, but unfortunately price is set by Comparable Properties and Market Conditions. If you are priced above either of these, then your house will sit for a long time. My job is to do the research and provide you with the facts that will help you determine a realistic price for your house. I will look at the price of current houses for sale in your neighborhood and research how much houses are actually selling for. Your house will only sell for what buyers are willing to pay for it. Keep in mind- Any house will sell for the right price.


Even a well-priced property can’t sell, if no one knows about it. I will market your house where Home Buyer’s are actually looking. My marketing strategy ensures that a high percentage of Home Buyers see your house.

Poor Marketing

Sometimes the property has high exposure but isn’t marketed properly to intrigue the interest of buyers. Home Sellers are left to try their luck if their house is made to look like just another house for sale. I will make your property stand out using better write-ups, professional photography and advanced marketing techniques.

Appearance of the property

Sometimes the property is in a mess, shows poorly or has bad odors. I can suggest simple things to ensure your property shows well and gets the buyer’s interest. These solutions can be as simple as spraying Febreeze, making beds, removing clutter etc. A small investment of repainting the house also increases the value of house. I can also make arrangements to professionally stage your house.

Lack of Buyer Confidence

The sale can fall through if the sellers cannot confidently answer the buyer’s questions, provide accurate paperwork, or verify important details. If you are not organized before you sell, then you may watch all of your hard work go to waste, as a potential buyer walks away due to a lack of confidence. I will help you arrange the required documents and answer the questions that the buyers might have. Below are some of the factors that can not be controlled but despite these factors, houses can be sold if things are done right.

Economic conditions

As we are all aware that Calgary Housing market always have ups and downs. This factor can not be controlled but even in bad market, houses are sold if priced right and marketed properly.

Environmental conditions

A new highway near your house, a nearby factory producing high odors, floods etc can also effect the sell-ability of your house. The remedies to such factors would be case specific and can be further discussed.  

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